Discount for New Clients

Great Flooring Choices

We are looking for commercial clients who have a desire for unusual and above average flooring requirements.
We have done chameleon resin flooring, polished steel plate flooring, marble effects, multiple colour tone floors and even a floor with LP Records in it. There are endless possibilities with colours, pearls, aggregates, glass, steel filings and clear coatings. Many of the floors you will see in our gallery cannot be exactly duplicated, as environmental variables make subtle changes to each and every floor. There is simply no end to what can be achieved.
From the thickness of application, the temperature, the humidity, the age of the concrete to the shape of the floor. It all makes a difference. This is a good thing for you as your floor will be one of a kind.
We will give you a *15% discount if you have a requirement above or beyond the norm and it’s something we have not done before.
This could easily save you thousands, and get thousands of tongues wagging about your business!


* All terms and conditions of the quote must be adhered to, including deposit and final payment on completion day.