Looking for Residential Floor Removal and Installation in Adelaide?

Whether it is new or old, most concrete can be treated in some way to be strong, durable and beautiful to look at. Quite a large portion of our work is residential and it is where our grass roots were laid. Application to most areas are guided by legal requirements in slip rating, which all finishing coats we use comply with.

From modern bright and airy homes to the little old shack on the river, Impact Flooring will listen to your needs, consider your options and lay out a proposed plan for the long-term satisfaction of the most discerning customer.

Residential Flooring Options

It may pay to remember that many of our floors are suitable for both residential and commercial use, but are often applied slightly differently with a different level of aesthetics. This is governed mainly by the intended use of the floor.

For example, many of our hair dresser floors are applied without clear Polyurethane top coats. Strong hair dyes will stain most final coats available on the market today. The semi-permanents being the worst. This means, that without top coats, the hairdresser may want to maintain a higher level of upkeep on the floor to keep it looking great. A floor in a residential bathroom may only need grip in the final coat to achieve the correct look and slip rating.

On the other hand, a commercial scenario might take enough traffic to require an extra layer or two to achieve the same longevity.

The options for residential flooring often depend on what part of the home it is. Garages can receive lower cost Epoxy options to handle the vehicles and tools; but their appearance is not as smooth and glass-like as it is more focused on withstanding heavy use. Wet areas need grip mediums, and are often treated as a separate area. External areas need strong UV protection and weather resistance, hence the top coats and sometimes why the base resins are different.

What to Consider Before a Residential Floor Removal and Replacement

  • How much traffic is it exposed to and what kinds of traffic?
  • Does the area get wet, experience pooling water or moisture from other sources?
  • What chemical resistance needed? Do you operate a business from home which may use strong chemicals? Is your BBQ going to sit on top of it with oil, fat and cleaner contact occasionally?
  • How much direct or indirect UV is it going to be exposed to?
  • What slip resistance are you comfortable with or is required to have in the area?
  • What level of maintenance are you expecting to do?
  • What colour will go with any future changes you may experience in furniture, mats, rugs or paint?
  • What other flooring are you likely to be joining up to? And what trip hazards do you need to avoid?

Residential Flooring – Flooring Range for your home

Talk to our residential flooring specialists about the extensive range of quality flooring. Whether it be for your own home or a rental property we are able to recommend vinyl, timber or concrete floor removal solution.

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