Timber floors are one of the most popular flooring choices in Australia. This is due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and relatively low maintenance. But, like anything, they do wear out eventually, and they can become stained, scratched, scuffed, or broken along the way. If your timber floor in Adelaide has seen better days and needs to be removed, Impact Flooring is the natural choice. We can safely remove timber flooring in both Adelaide homes and local businesses, leaving the substrate intact when required.

Our Highly Experienced Team

At Impact Flooring, our team is highly experienced and trained to offer the safe removal of timber flooring. Timber floors can be difficult, but when you choose us you get a team who know the job inside out and are committed to delivering you fast, quality services at a great price.

We’ll work hard to make sure the job is done on schedule and exceeds expectations. Once the floor is removed, we will also take away the flooring materials and clear the area, leaving it all ready to go for your new floor. 

What Type of Timber Flooring Do You Have?

It’s important to know what kind of timber floor removal we’ll be doing, so be sure to find out as much as you can about your floor before getting in touch. Timber flooring can vary in terms of its width, pattern, and even the glue used.

Every type of timber flooring will need a specialised approach. There is direct stick, plank-on-ply and floating floors. Direct stick floors, for example, are glued directly to the substrate and they are very difficult to remove. If you have this type of flooring, our team would need to start by cutting the floor into pieces before we safely remove the timber flooring. We would also need to use a diamond grinder to remove the glue residue and give you a smoother finish.

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If you need timber floor removal in Adelaide, get in touch with Impact Flooring today. Our expert team can ensure the safe removal of your timber floors at a great price, and we guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results. Browse our online specials, have a look at some examples of our work, then get in touch by calling 0438 284 660 or enquiring online for a free quote.

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