Concrete floors are a very popular choice in Adelaide – primarily because concrete is affordable, sturdy, durable, and looks great, especially for businesses.

But concrete floors wear out over time, succumbing to cracks and general wear and tear.

If your floor is on its last legs, or you just want to upgrade or change your floor type, get in touch with Scott Clarke of Impact Flooring.

We can quickly and efficiently remove concrete floors in both Adelaide homes and local businesses.

Scott and Team

The team at Impact Flooring is very experienced and highly trained in all types of floor removal. When it comes time to remove your concrete floor, choose the team who will work hard to make sure your job is done on time, on budget, and to your complete satisfaction.

Our Thorough Concrete Floor Removal Service

As well as breaking up and removing your floor, we also remove all materials and leave the area clean and ready for the next stage of your renovation.

We can also remove any carpet or other flooring that might be on top of the concrete, and we will always give you a free, accurate quote before the job starts so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. 

Get in touch with Scott 

If you need your concrete floor removed, call Impact Flooring on 0438 284 660 or enquiring online for a free quote.

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