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Floors will eventually wear out, stain, appear dated or not fit the current needs of the owner. Interior design changes like wall removals also mean the flooring will need to be re-assessed. We at Impact Flooring will happily assist. We remove any flooring currently on site if you wish.

Services available are Tile removal, grinding and leveling, vinyl removal, glue grinding, slate removal, epoxy repairs and replacement, and carpet removal. In both commercial and residential situations with both during and after hours available, you will receive a quality service at a more than fair and affordable rate.

Floor Removal Service

The Process

Often in tile, slate or vinyl removal, out come the jack-hammers and away goes the floor. Yes it can be noisy and yes it can be dusty. We take our preparation seriously, and all manner of masking and barricading is available. We also take the remnants of the old floor away and leave you with a surface ready for your next install. Our experience with concrete and timber flooring is vast, with the ability to keep the substrate intact where required. In many cases the tiles, timber or slate can be very difficult to lift but with ample experience and professional tools, the job that may take you a week or more, is often achieved in a day. The speed at which we work often saves our clients ‘money’, and in commercial and new build scenarios, saves ever valuable ‘time’.

Grout and Glue removal by diamond grinding is a quick and effective method for attaining a flat even surface. Commercial premises often need to be returned to their original state(or as close to it as possible), so night grinding at the end of the de-fit or beginning of the re-fit is ideal. Floor levelling compounds can also satisfy needs in the most uneven of jobs.

Commercial premises are getting more visits and restrictions from OH&S than ever before. The correct preparation of your flooring surface or the efficient and tidy removal of the old flooring can save you thousands in the long term.

We have added a few floor removal images to give you a better understanding of the possible work involved.

Things To Consider When Attempting Floor Removals:

  • Are the skirtings, cupboards or kitchen benches over the top of the flooring which is to be removed? If so, can the skirtings or kickers be easily removed so they are not damaged?
  • Is there direct access in and out of the area for the old flooring to be cleanly removed from site? In general, a ‘builders barrow’ is used, so 760mm width and relatively open turns will be needed. Clearance at joins to other flooring need to be clear beyond 1 metre to allow masking and manoeuvrability.
  • Is there any areas adjoining the floor surface which need to be protected from debris and dust? Floor to roof masking is rarely required but could be the best choice. Many clients undertake this themselves to save time and money.
  • Is there a joint in the underlying substrate which goes from , say, timber to concrete? If so, you often won’t know if the 2 areas are level until after the initial floor removal. This may mean a little more work is required.
  • Getting a floor removed can often be a bit messy, so all ornament, pictures, furniture, decorative lights etc need to be either removed or covered. If there is furniture to be moved which you can’t do prior, we need to know before job time, to best manage our time and hence keep our services affordable and efficient.
  • Is there a location for the work van and trailer close to the job site? Reducing time reduces cost to you.

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