Flooring Removal Services in Adelaide and surrounds

Impact Flooring offers various flooring services that cover floor installation, floor removal, surface preparation and floor resurfacing.


Impact Flooring Adelaide – specialising in floor preparation, tile removal and concrete protection to make way for new coverings.


Epoxy and Polyurea Floor Installation

Whether it be full stone exposure polished concrete or a simple hard wearing garage coating system, Impact Flooring is able to offer you quality finishes, experienced application, technical data and previous use examples in residential, commercial and industrial applications. We understand UV stability issues, different traffic conditions, legal grip requirements and many other issues causing people to hesitate with their flooring choices.


Floor Removal

Floor types such as vinyl, floating floors, epoxy, paint, tiles and slate, can all be removed with our methods. Many unseen challenges exist with floor removal. We inform our prospective clients what can happen, what needs to happen, and any options they can choose to make the whole removal process easier, cleaner and quicker.

Check out the following:

  • Timber Floor Removal
  • Concrete Floor Removal
  • Vinyl Floor Removal
  • Slate Removal
  • Ceramic
  • Marble
  • Tiles


Surface Preparation

With many years working in the Coating Manufacture side of the Flooring Industry, we have met many tradespeople needing better floor levels or inconsistency removal on their substrates before they start work. Sometimes it may be 20 minutes work, or 10 hours. whether it is removal of high points or total levelling with cementitious compounds, we can help.



Eventually, we understand there will be a need for the resurfacing of previously coated surfaces. This is where our manufacturer experience really shines with the technical expertise behind us to ensure quality bond preparation, patch repairing, and even underwater application for those difficult industrial or commercial challenges.


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