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Since 2004, Impact Flooring has specialised in floor removal, predominantly slate, tile, timber, vinyl and carpet floor removal. As with any building products the knowledge of what “might” lie beneath your feet is essential to ensuring a safe and efficient removal of your current flooring.
At Impact Flooring Adelaide, South Australia we at all times strive to minimise environmental impact and create a working platform for your new floor.

Floors will eventually wear out, stain, appear dated, or not fit the current needs of the owner. When this happens, the team at Impact Flooring are there to help with residential and commercial floor removal services.

Impact Flooring floor removal services include tile removal, grinding and levelling, vinyl removal, glue grinding, slate removal, epoxy repairs and replacement, and carpet removal to Adelaide residential and commercial clients.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business person, we offer high-quality services at a very reasonable price, with after-hours options available.

When quality, value and reliability counts, talk to Impact Flooring on 0438 284 660.


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Whether it is new or old, most concrete can be treated in some way to be strong, durable and asthetic. Quite a large portion of our work is residential and it is where our grass roots were laid. Application to most areas are guided by legal requirements in slip rating, which all finishing coats we use comply with.

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Many restrictions are now in place for commercial premises. With environmental and safety concerns limiting flooring options in a lot of cases, both solvent free and water based coatings are becoming a far more common choice in commercial flooring. These are our speciality. As the ex Product Technician for the Enviropro...

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Floor Removals

Floors will eventually wear out, stain, appear dated or not fit the current needs of the owner. Interior design changes like wall removals also mean the flooring will need to be re-assessed. We at Impact Flooring will happily assist. We remove any flooring currently on site if you wish. Services available are Tile removal, grinding and levelling...

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